Utility Powertech Limited
Enlisted Vendors at UPL-Koldam
Valid From: 01.07.2015 to 30.06.2017
Category-(A): Civil Construction /Maintenance Group Sl. No.   Financial Category
Sub Category-1   Name of Agencies (M/s.)  Up to ₹  5 Lac  Up to ₹  10 Lac  Up to ₹  30 Lac  Up to ₹  60 Lac  Up to ₹  100 Lac  Up to ₹  150 Lac  Up to ₹  300 Lac  Up to ₹  500 Lac
 MC-1 Civil Maintenance works in  Plant &  Township                                          1  Gautam Aryan Build-Well Pvt.  Ltd.
2  Sukh Ram Thakur
3  Anup Thakur
4  The Koldam Austees Co.-Op.  L&C & Supply Society, Ltd.,  Kasol
5  Mishra Enterprises
6  Vijay Kumar
7  U.R. Infrastructure Company Pvt.  Ltd.
    Sub Total 7 6 3 2 2 1 1
 MC-2 Painting works in Plant and  Township Buildings 1  The Koldam Austees Co.-Op.  L&C & Supply Society, Ltd.,  Kasol
 MC-3 Painting of Steel Structures  in Plant & township     NIL
 MC-4 Raising of Ash Dyke works  in Power Plants      NIL
 MC-5 Maintenance of road,  culverts and drains 1  Sukh Ram Thakur
 MC-6 Maintenance of water  supply system                              1  Sharma Light House
2  Anand Vishal Engineering  Services
3  National Suppliers & Contractors
4  M/s Sukh Ram Thakur
5  The Koldam Austees Co.-Op.  L&C & Supply Society, Ltd.,  Kasol
    Sub Total 6 5 1
 MC-7 Cleaning of water pipe  lines      NIL
 MC-8 Fly Ash Bricks  Manufacturing      NIL
 MC-9 Sanitary and plumbing  contracts     NIL
 MC-10 Waterproofing works     NIL
Sub Category-2                    
MC-11 Construction of civil works like building and high rise building 1  Anup Thakur
2  Shashi Sharma
3  J.D. Cement Pvt. Ltd.
    Sub Total 3 3 3 2 1 1 1 1
 MC-12 Construction of road  including bitumen carpeting and  Construction of bridges & culverts     NIL
 MC-13 Heavy earth works, area  grading and embankments     NIL
 MC-14 Construction of heavy  Foundation     NIL
 MC-15 Fabrication works at  heights     NIL
 MC-16 Heavy duty equipment  suppliers for constructions     NIL
Sub Category-3                    
 MC-17 Consultants for civil  construction design     NIL
 MC-18 Surveyors     NIL
 MC-19 Soil testing contractors    and consultants     NIL
 MC-20 Acoustic and interior  designers     NIL
Category-(B): Mechanical                    
Sub Category-1                    
 MM-1 Operation / Mechanical  Maintenance of Power Plants  (Thermal, Gas and Hydro) 1  Anand Vishal Engineering  Services
2  Sharma Light House
    Sub Total 2 2 2
 MM-2 Operation / Maintenance of  Air Conditioning System / Cooling  Appliances / Ventilation System /  Water Cooler etc.  1  Anand Vishal Engineering  Services
MM-3 Overhauling / Maintenance of Boilers & Waste heat recovering Boiler and Auxiliaries      NIL
MM-4 Overhauling / Maintenance of Turbines & Auxiliaries     NIL
MM-5 Insulation of Boiler Turbine & Auxiliaries     NIL
MM-6 Maintenance of Cooling Tower, Water Treatment Plant      NIL
Sub Category-2                    
MM-7 Overhauling / Maintenance of Coal Mills / Coal Handling Plants     NIL
MM-8 Overhauling / Maintenance of Ash Handling Plants     NIL
MM-9 Track maintenance, S&T services for Railways     NIL
Sub Category-3                    
MM-10 Operation & Maintenance of Small Mini Micro Hydel / Wind Plant.      NIL
Category-(C): Electrical & Control & Instrumentation                    
Sub Category-1                    
ME-1 Operation / Maintenance of (220 KV/400 KV) Switch-yards and associated equipments 1 Sharma Light House
2 Anand Vishal Engineering Services
3 Vikas Electrical & Mechanical Co.
    Sub Total 3 3 3 2 1
ME-2 Operation / Maintenance of 132 KV KV Switch-yards and associated equipments     NIL
ME-3 Erection, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of EHV (132 KV & above) grade Transformers & Electrical  equipments     NIL
ME-4 Overhauling / Maintenance of Generator & Auxiliaries     NIL
Sub Category-2                    
ME-5 Overhauling / Maintenance of HT (11/6.6 KV) Switch gears and Motors 1 Prem Enterprises
2 Sharma Light House
3 Anand Vishal Engineering Services
    Sub Total 3 3 3
ME-6 Overhauling / Maintenance of LT MCCs, Switch gears and Motors     NIL
ME-7 Erection, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of EHV (11/6.6 KV / 415 V) Transformers and associated equipments     NIL
ME-8 Maintenance of overhead lines / conductors      NIL
ME-9 Maintenance of Electrical distribution network     NIL
ME-10 Jointing & Connecting of HT / LT Cables  1 Bharat Electrical
      1 1 1 0        
ME-11 Maintenance of Power Plant / Industrial Lighting system 1 Bharat Electrical
2 Sharma Light House
3 Jai Mata Enterprises
4 Abhilash Construction Company
5 Anand Vishal Engineering Services
    Sub Total 5 5 2 2
ME-12 Maintenance of Township Lighting system 1 Jai Mata Enterprises
2 Sharma Light House
3 Vikas Electrical & Mechanical Co.
    Sub Total 3 3 1 1
ME-13 Erection, Testing, Commissioning of Distribution Substation equipments     NIL
ME-14 Maintenance of Electric / Pneumatic Actuators 1 Anand Vishal Engineering Services
ME-15 LT /HT Motor Re-Winding     NIL
ME-16 Operation and Maintenance of Telephone Lines/Cables 1 Anand Vishal Engineering Services
Sub Category-3                    
ME-17 Operation / Maintenance of Control & Instrumentation     NIL
Category-(D): Residual Life Assessment studies                    
RL-1 Residual Life Assessment Study for Boiler, Turbine, Generator & their  Auxiliaries &   Balance of Plant.     NIL
RL-2 Vibration Analysis & Dynamic Balancing      NIL
RL-3 Stress Analysis      NIL
RL-4 Non-Destructive Testing     NIL
Category-(E): Miscellaneous Works                    
Sub Category-1                    
MW-1 Lake Park Management      NIL
MW-2 Horticulture Works 1 Office Care Services Ltd.
2 Surinder Pal Sharm✔
3 Raja Horticulture
4 National Suppliers & Contractors
5 U.R. Infrastructure Co. Pvt. Ltd.
6 Vikas Electrical & Mechanical Co.
7 Surbhi
    Sub Total 7 7 1
Sub Category-2                    
MW-3 House Keeping of Plant, Township, Commercial    Complexes etc. 1 The Koldam Austees Co.-Op. L&C & Supply Society, Ltd., Kasol
2 Sukh Ram Thakur
3 Sharma Light House
4 Rattan Singh Contracto✘
5 Corporate Care
6 Siya Ram
7 Anand Vishal Engineering Services
8 Office Care Services Ltd.
9 Vikas Electrical & Mechanical Co.
    Sub Total 9 6 4 3 3 2
MW-4 Special Equipment Cleaning      NIL
MW-5 Up-keepment of the plant area     NIL
Sub Category-3                    
MW-6 Pesticide works     NIL
Sub Category-4                    
MW-7 Stone Picking & Extraneous materials from conveyor in CHP     NIL
Sub Category-5                    
MW-8 Fire Protection & Safety works     NIL
Sub Category-6                    
MW-9 Operation & Maintenance of Solar Water Heating System     NIL
Sub Category-7                    
MW-10 Operation & Maintenance of Swimming Pool     NIL
Category-(F): Manpower Supply Group                    
MS-1 Deployment of Unskilled/ Semi Skilled/ Skilled manpower 1 Trayi Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
2 The Koldam Austees Co.-Op. L&C & Supply Society, Ltd., Kasol
3 Sahayta Security Services Pvt. Ltd.
4 Sukh Ram Thakur
5 Gautam Aryan Build-Well Pvt. Ltd.
6 Office Care Services Ltd.
7 Corporate Care
    Sub Total 7 6 4 4 2 2
MS-2 Deployment of Engineers/ Supervisors/ Data Entry Operators     NIL
MS-3 Deployment of Ex- Railway Employees (Loco Drivers, Station Master etc.).     NIL
MS-4 Deployment of Ex-BHEL Employees /power plant Engineers      NIL
MS-5 Deployment of Crane operator / Vehicle Drivers / Heavy Duty Equipments Operator     NIL
MS-6 Deployment of Manpower for Miscellaneous work not covered above 1 Sanjay Kumar
MS-7 Deployment of manpower for Machine Shop & Workshop     NIL
MS-8 Maintenance of Heavy Duty Equipments Like Trucks, Cranes, dozer, Hydra, Pay Loader & Fork Lifts etc.     NIL
MS-9 Unloading of coal from Railway wagons     NIL
Category-(G): Hospital Services                    
HS-1 Deployment of Doctors / Nurses / Paramedical staff     NIL
Utility Powertech Limited
List of Registered  Vendors  at UPL-Koldam Site
Sl. No. Name of Agencies (M/s.) Address & Contact Number
1  M/s Sharma Light House  M/s Sharma Light House, Dehar, Teh.  Sundernagar, Distt. Mandi (H.P.)                          Mob.  +91 9816143238        
2  M/s Vikas Elect. & Mech. Co.  M/s Vikas Electrical & Mechanical Company,  House No. 724, Sector-3, Ballabhgarh ,  Faridabad  Mob:-   +91 9811094184,  +91  9411094184
3  M/s Abhilash Construction  Company  M/s Abhilash Construction Company, Arya  Sadan, VPO Kalaunda, Gautam Buddh Nagar  (U.P.)-201008 Mob. No.  +91 9818225899,    +91 9456680409,  +91 9818684865
4  M/s Anand Vishal Engineering  Services  M/s Anand Vishal Engineering Services, B-141,  NCPS, NTPC Vidyutnagar,  Gautam Buddh  Nagar (U.P.), Pin-201 008                            Mob. No.  +91  9412801031, +91 9810591911,  +919810477410,  +91 9314030148
5  M/s Rattan Singh Contractor  M/s Rattan Singh Contractor, VPO  Kangoo,  Teh. Sundernagar, Distt. Mandi  (H.P.)        Mob. No. + 91 8350888967 
6  M/s Office Care Services Ltd. M/s Office Care Services Ltd. , A-40, Mohammadpur, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110066 , Mob. No. +91 9818698698  
7  M/s Sahayta Security Services  Pvt. Ltd.  M/s Sahayta Security Services Pvt. Ltd., 'Sahayta House', Hospital road, Mandi, Distt. Mandi (H.P.)-175001 Mob. No. +91 9216225278
8  M/s Siya Ram  M/s Siya Ram, 309, Chanakaya Complex,  Subhash Chowk, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092.  Mob. No. +91 98187-96796
9  M/s Surbhi M/s Surbhi,  SCO 16, Sector 34-C, Chandigarh-160022, Mob.  No. +91 9815079820
10  M/s Raja Horticulture M/s Raja Horticulture, 309, Chanakaya Complex, Subhash Chowk, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092, Mob. No. +91 98187-96796
11  M/s National Suppliers &  Contractors M/s National Suppliers & Contractors, Opposite Police Station, Dibiyapur Auraiya, (U.P.)-206244 Mob.   +91 9412184741, +91 9411017238
12  M/s Mishra Enterprises M/s Mishra Enterprises, Plot No. 38, St. John’s Colony , Marhauli, Varanasi (U.P.)-221008,          Mob. No. +91 9453219866 , +91 9565274747
13  M/s Jai Mata Enterprises M/s Jai Mata Enterprises, Near ACC Hospital, Barmana, Distt. Bilaspur (H.P.)-174013.                  Mob. No.  +91 9816032350          
14  M/s Sukh Ram Thakur  M/s Sukh Ram Thakur, NTPC Koldam & Govt.  Contractor, Village:- Deola Chamb, PO  Harnoda, Teh. Sadar, Distt. Bilaspur  (H.P.)  Mob. No. +91 9816083010, +91 89880-23857
15  M/s U.R. Infrastructure  Company Pvt. Ltd.  M/s U.R. Infrastructure Co. Pvt. Ltd., S-23-24,  F-Block, Gandhi Vihar, New Delhi- 110009.Mob. +91 9418060401, +91 9816080401,  +91 9459494325
16  The Koldam Austees Co.-Op.  L&C & Supply Society Ltd.,  Kasol The Koldam Austees Co.-Op. L&C & Supply Society Ltd., Kasol, VPO Bahot Kasol, Teh. Sadar, Distt. Bilaspur (H.P.)-174012                  Mob. No. +91 9805156924, +91 9816386808, +91 9816004044   
17  M/s Anup Thakur  M/s Anup Thakur, Govt. Contractor, House No.  194, Ward No. 5, Near GGSS School Hamirpur,  Teh.& Distt. Hamirpur  (H.P.)-177001.        Mob. No. +91  94180-23267
18  M/s Vijay Kumar  M/s Vijay Kumar, VPO. Khurahal, Teh.  Sundernagar, Distt. Mandi  (H.P.)-175017,  Mob. +91 9816514291
19  M/s Gautam Aryan Build-Well  Pvt. Ltd.  M/s Gautam Aryan Build Well Pvt. Ltd., VPO  Bahot Kasol, Teh. Sadar, Distt. Bilaspur  (H.P.)-174012                                               Mob. No. +91 9816024419,  +91 9816044419, +91 9816100419 
20   M/s Shashi Sharm✔ M/s Shashi Sharma, Village:- Nihal Sector, Near HRTC Colony, Bilaspur (H.P.)-174001Mob. No. +91 9816442421, +91 9817088588 , +91 9882866709    
21  M/s Prem Enterprises M/s Prem Enterprises, VPO Slapper, Teh. Sundernagar, Distt. Mandi (H.P.)-175017.           Mob. No. +91 9816294737,  +91 9882594737.
22  M/s Bharat Electrical M/s Bharat Electrical, Dehar, Teh. Sundernagar, Distt. Mandi (H.P.)-175030,    Mob. No. +91 9816098535
23  M/s Surinder Pal Sharma M/s Surinder Pal Sharma, Vill. Jhandi, P.O. Aghar, Teh. & Distt. Hamirpur (H.P.)-176041.   Mob. No. +91 9418070196.
24  M/s Corporate Care M/s Corporate Care, Middle Market, Sector-II, New Shimla, Shimla (H.P.)-171009,  Mob. No. +91 9816066553 
25  M/s Trayi Consulting Pvt. Ltd. M/s Trai Consulting Pvt. Ltd., 2/10, Gangotri Enclaves, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha-751016, Mob. No.  +91 8763668956 , +91 9437389755, +91 9778105018 
26  M/s J.D. Cement Pvt. Ltd. M/s J. D. Cement Pvt. Ltd., # 10, First Floor, Phase 3 B-1, Sector 60, SAS Nagar, Mohali, Punjab. Mob.  No. +91 98150 65815 ,               +91 98140 13108  
27  M/s Sanjay Kumar M/s Sanjay Kumar, Vill Deola Chamb, P.O. Harnora, Teh. Sadar, Distt. Bilaspur (H.P.) Mob.No. +91 9816180441, +91 9882003812