Utility Powertech Limited
Enlisted Vendors at UPL-Chennai
Valid From:  09.06.2016 to 08.06.2018
Category-(A): Civil Construction /Maintenance Group Sl. No.   Financial Category
Sub Category-1   Name of Agencies (M/s.) Up to ₹ 5 Lac Up to ₹ 10 Lac Up to ₹ 30 Lac Up to ₹ 60 Lac Up to ₹ 100 Lac Up to ₹ 150 Lac Up to ₹ 300 Lac Up to ₹ 500 Lac

 MC-1 Civil Maintenance works in   Plant & Township                                          

1 I. Marimuthu
2 E Krishna
3 Swathi Engineering Agencies
    Sub Total 3 3 2 1 0 0 0 0
MC-2 Painting works in Plant and Township Buildings     NIL
MC-3 Painting of Steel Structures in Plant & township     NIL
MC-4 Raising of Ash Dyke works in Power Plants      NIL
MC-5 Maintenance of road, culverts and drains     NIL
MC-6 Maintenance of water supply system                                  NIL
MC-7 Cleaning of water pipe lines      NIL
MC-8 Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing      NIL
MC-9 Sanitary and plumbing contracts     NIL
MC-10 Waterproofing works     NIL
Sub Category-2      
MC-11 Construction of civil works like building and high rise building     NIL
MC-12 Construction of road including bitumen carpeting and Construction of bridges & culverts     NIL
MC-13 Heavy earth works, area grading and embankments     NIL
MC-14 Construction of heavy Foundation     NIL
MC-15 Fabrication works at heights     NIL
MC-16 Heavy duty equipment suppliers for constructions     NIL
Sub Category-3      
MC-17 Consultants for civil construction design     NIL
MC-18 Surveyors     NIL
MC-19 Soil testing contractors and consultants     NIL
MC-20 Acoustic and interior designers     NIL
Category-(B): Mechanical      
Sub Category-1      
MM-1 Operation / Mechanical Maintenance of Power Plants (Thermal, Gas and Hydro) 1 Prumatech Services Pvt Ltd
    Sub Total 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0
MM-2 Operation / Maintenance of Air Conditioning System / Cooling Appliances / Ventilation System / Water Cooler etc.      NIL
MM-3 Overhauling / Maintenance of Boilers & Waste heat recovering Boiler and Auxiliaries      NIL
MM-4 Overhauling / Maintenance of Turbines & Auxiliaries 1 KSR Enterprises
MM-5 Insulation of Boiler Turbine & Auxiliaries     NIL
MM-6 Maintenance of Cooling Tower, Water Treatment Plant      NIL
Sub Category-2                    
MM-7 Overhauling / Maintenance of Coal Mills / Coal Handling Plants 1 AEMS Engineering Works Pvt Ltd
    Sub Total 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0
MM-8 Overhauling / Maintenance of Ash Handling Plants     NIL
MM-9 Track maintenance, S&T services for Railways     NIL
Sub Category-3      
MM-10 Operation & Maintenance of Small Mini Micro Hydel / Wind Plant.      NIL
Category-(C): Electrical & Control & Instrumentation      
Sub Category-1      
ME-1 Operation / Maintenance of (220 KV/400 KV) Switch-yards and associated equipments     NIL
ME-2 Operation / Maintenance of 132 KV KV Switch-yards and associated equipments     NIL
ME-3 Erection, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of EHV (132 KV & above) grade Transformers & Electrical  equipments     NIL
ME-4 Overhauling / Maintenance of Generator & Auxiliaries     NIL
Sub Category-2      
ME-5 Overhauling / Maintenance of HT (11/6.6 KV) Switch gears and Motors     NIL
ME-6 Overhauling / Maintenance of LT MCCs, Switch gears and Motors     NIL
ME-7 Erection, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of EHV (11/6.6 KV / 415 V) Transformers and associated equipments     NIL
ME-8 Maintenance of overhead lines / conductors      NIL
ME-9 Maintenance of Electrical distribution network     NIL
ME-10 Jointing & Connecting of HT / LT Cables      NIL
ME-11 Maintenance of Power Plant / Industrial Lighting system     NIL
ME-12 Maintenance of Township Lighting system     NIL
ME-13 Erection, Testing, Commissioning of Distribution Substation equipments     NIL
ME-14 Maintenance of Electric / Pneumatic Actuators     NIL
ME-15 LT /HT Motor Re-Winding     NIL
ME-16 Operation and Maintenance of Telephone Lines/Cables      
Sub Category-3      
ME-17 Operation / Maintenance of Control & Instrumentation     NIL
Category-(D): Residual Life Assessment studies      
RL-1 Residual Life Assessment Study for Boiler, Turbine, Generator & their  Auxiliaries &   Balance of Plant.     NIL
RL-2 Vibration Analysis & Dynamic Balancing  1 Prumatech Services Pvt Ltd
    Sub Total 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0
RL-3 Stress Analysis      NIL
RL-4 Non-Destructive Testing     NIL
Category-(E): Miscellaneous Works                    
Sub Category-1                    
MW-1 Lake Park Management      NIL
MW-2 Horticulture Works 1 Hariyalee Landscape and Pvt Ltd
    Sub Total 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0
Sub Category-2      
MW-3 House Keeping of Plant, Township, Commercial    Complexes etc.     NIL
MW-4 Special Equipment Cleaning      NIL
MW-5 Up-keepment of the plant are✔     NIL
Sub Category-3      
MW-6 Pesticide works     NIL
Sub Category-4      
MW-7 Stone Picking & Extraneous materials from conveyor in CHP     NIL
Sub Category-5      
MW-8 Fire Protection & Safety works     NIL
Sub Category-6      
MW-9 Operation & Maintenance of Solar Water Heating System     NIL
Sub Category-7      
MW-10 Operation & Maintenance of Swimming Pool 1 M R Engineering
    Sub Total 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0
Category-(F): Manpower Supply Group                    
MS-1 Deployment of Unskilled/ Semi Skilled/ Skilled manpowe✘ 1 K.K. Brothers
2 J. Dhakshini Enterprises
3 C.Stalin Enterprises
4 Swathi Engineering Agencies
5 Sree Shara Enterprises
6 Chandinee & Co
7 KSR Enterprises
8 M R Engineering
9 Hariyalee Landscape and Pvt Ltd
10 E.Krishna
11 G.R Engineering Company
12 AEMS Engineering Works Pvt Ltd
13 Prumatech Services Pvt Ltd
  Sub Total 13 12 10 7 5 4 3 2
MS-2 Deployment of Engineers/ Supervisors/ Data Entry Operators     NIL
MS-3 Deployment of Ex- Railway Employees (Loco Drivers, Station Master etc.).     NIL
MS-4 Deployment of Ex-BHEL Employees /power plant Engineers      NIL
MS-5 Deployment of Crane operator / Vehicle Drivers / Heavy Duty Equipments Operato✘ 1 C.Stalin Enterprises
2 Sree Shara Enterprises
    Sub Total 2 2 1 1
MS-6 Deployment of Manpower for Miscellaneous work not covered above 1 Chandinee & Co
    Sub Total 1 1 1
MS-7 Deployment of manpower for Machine Shop & Workshop     NIL
MS-8 Maintenance of Heavy Duty Equipments Like Trucks, Cranes, dozer, Hydra, Pay Loader & Fork Lifts etc. 1 Chandinee & Co
    Sub Total 1 1 1
MS-9 Unloading of coal from Railway wagons     NIL
Category-(G): Hospital Services                    
HS-1 Deployment of Doctors / Nurses / Paramedical staff     NIL
Utility Powertech Limited
List of Registered  Vendors  at UPL-Chennai Site
Sl. No. Name of Agencies (M/s.) Address & Contact Number
1 Swathi Engineering agencies, Chennai swathiplaza 2nd floor,1/47 mogapair east jj nager chennai phone 9884188866
2 Prumatech services pvt Ltd, Chennai No.141, Anna Salai, Saidapet,
3 AEMS engineering works  Pvt Ltd, Chennai NO 85/8 3rd main road mmda mathur manali chennai 68
4 Hariyalee landscape and pvt Ltd., Chennai E-47 20TH CROSS STREET BESANT NAGAR, CHENNAI-600090
5 M R Engineering, Chennai No 11, New MGR Nagar, 2nd street , Manali, Ch-68
6 C.Stalin Enterprises, Nandiyambakkam NO 14 MGR NAGER NANDIYAMBAKKAM
7 Chandinee & co, Chennai No.47, Perumal Koil Street,
Kondakkarai, S.R.Palayam,
8 Sree Shara Enterprises, Chennai No.10/25, 1st Lane,
Anna Street,
Manali, Chennai-600068.
9 G.R.Engineering Company, Manali 10, Karikrishna, perumal koil street, manali
10 E.Krishna, Chennai No.49, Perumal Koil Street,
Kondakkarai, S.R.Palayam,
11 J Dhakshani enterprises No.67 DR.AMBEDKAR STREET, PALLIPURAM, S.R. PALAYAM P.O. NCTPS, CHENNAI-600120
12 KSR Enterprises NO 292 sadaiamman koil st attipattu chennai 120  Phone 9445806523
13 K.K.Brothers Enterprises NO 25 KONDAKARAI SR PALAYAM CHENNAI 120 PHONE 9941333511
14 I.Marimuthu No 75,Perumal koil street, Kondakkarai, Chennai-120                  Mob no.9941291827