Utility Powertech Limited
Enlisted Vendors at UPL- Barh
Valid From: 11.09.2015 to 31.12.2017
Financial Category
  Sl.No. Name of Agencies (M/s.) Up to  Rs. 5 Lac Up to  Rs. 10 Lac Up to  Rs. 30 Lac Up to  Rs.60 Lac Up to  Rs. 100 Lac Up to  Rs. 150 Lac Up to  Rs.300 Lac Up to  Rs. 500 Lac
Category - (A): Civil Construction/ Maintenance Group                    
Sub Category -1                    
 MC -1 Civil Maintenance   works in Plant & Township 1  RVK Construction
2  Subham Construction
3  Puneet Construction
4  Kumar Construction Co.
5  Manki & Sons
6  Prem Kumar
   Dilip Kumar Singh
  Sub Total 6 6 4 2
 MC-2 Painting works in   Plant  and Township   Buildings   NIL
                    Sub Total
 MC-3 Painting of Steel   Structures in  Plant  and   Township    NIL
                   Sub Total
 MC-4 Raising  of Ash  Dyke   works in Power Plants   NIL
    Sub Total                
 MC-5 Maintanance of   Road,culverts and Drains 1  Karanveer Singh Yadav   Ent.Pvt. Ltd
2  S & A Construction
3  Dhananjay Kumar
4  Prem Kumar
    Sub Total 4 4 1
  MC-6 Maintenance of water   supply system  1  Manki & Sons
2  Vinayaka Construction
3  Shashi Kant Darh
    Sub Total 3 3
 MC-7 Cleaning of water   pipe lines   NIL
    Sub Total                
 MC-8 Fly Ash Bricks   Manufacturing   NIL
    Sub Total                
 MC-9 Sanitary and   plumbing contracts   NIL
    Sub Total                
 MC-10 Waterproofing works   NIL
    Sub Total                
Sub Category - 2    
 MC-11 Construction of civil   works like building and high   rise building  1  Manoj Kumar Dubey
2  Karanveer Singh Yadav   Ent.Pvt. Ltd
3  Bijendra Kumar
4  Dhananjay Kumar
5  Raj Nandini Projects Pvt. Ltd
6  Vinayaka Construction
7  Hari Const. & Associates   Pvt. Ltd
    Sub Total 7 6 4 4 3 2 1 1
 MC-12 Construction of road   including bitumen carpeting   and Construction of bridges   & culverts 1  Sanjay Kumar Singh
2  Sidhi Vinayaka Construction
3  Dhananjay Kumar
4  Vinayaka Construction
5  Hari Const. & Associates   Pvt. Ltd
    Sub Total 5 4 2 2 2 2 2 1
 MC-13 Heavy earth works,   area grading and   embankments                    
   Hari Const. & Associates   Pvt. Ltd
    Sub Total 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
 MC-14 Construction of   heavy Foundation 1  Hari Const. & Associates   Pvt. Ltd
    Sub Total 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
 MC-15 Fabrication works at   heights 1  R. Construction
2  Padh Laxmi Enterprises
    Sub Total 2 2 2 1 1
 MC-16 Heavy duty   equipment suppliers for   constructions   NIL  
    Sub Total                
Sub Category - 3      
 MC-17 Consultants for civil   construction design   NIL  
    Sub Total  
 MC-18 Surveyors   NIL  
    Sub Total  
 MC-19 Soil testing   contractors  and consultants   NIL  
    Sub Total                
 MC-20 Acoustic and  interior designers   NIL  
                     Sub Total 
Category- (B): Mechanical    
Sub Category - 1                    
 MM-1 Operation /   Mechanical Maintenance of   Power Plants (Thermal, Gas   and  Hydro)   NIL
    Sub Total                
 MM-2 Operation/   Maintenance of Air   Conditioning  System/   Cooling  Appliances/   Ventilation System / Water   Cooler etc. 1  Vijay Kumar
    Sub Total 1 1
 MM-3 Overhauling   maintenance of Boilers&   Waste heat recovering Boiler   and Auxiliaries   NIL
                     Sub Total
 MM-4  Overhauling/   Maintenance of Turbines &   Auxiliaries   NIL
    Sub Total                
 MM-5 Insulation of Boiler   Turbine & Auxiliaries   NIL
    Sub Total                
 MM-6 Maintenance of   cooling Tower, Water   Treatment Plant.   NIL
    Sub Total                
Sub Category - 2      
 MM-7 Overhauling   /Maintenance of  Coal Mills/   Coal Handling  Plants 1  Muneshwar Navin   Construction
    Sub Total 1 1 1 1
 MM-8 Overhauling   /Maintenance of  Ash   Handling  Plants 1  R. Construction
    Sub Total 1 1 1
 MM-9 Track maintenance, S&T services for Railways.   NIL
    Sub Total                
Sub Category- 3    
 MM-10 Operation &   Maintenance of Small Mini   Micro Hydel/ Wind Plant   NIL
                    Sub Total 
Category- (C): Electrical & Control & Instrumentation    
Sub Category- 1    
 ME-1 Operation   /Maintenance of (220   KV/400 KV) Switch-yards   and associated equipments.   NIL
    Sub Total                
 ME-2 Operation/   Maintenance of 132 KV KV   Switch yards and associated   equipments.   NIL
    Sub Total                
 ME-3 Erection, Testing ,   Commissioning and   maintenance of EHV (132   KV & above) grade   Transformers & Electrical   NIL
                     Sub Total
 ME-4 Overhauling   /Maintenance of Generator   & Auxiliaries   NIL
    Sub Total                
Sub Category- 2    
 ME-5 Overhauling   /Maintenance of HT (11/6.6   KV) Switch gears and   Motors 1  Karanveer Singh Yadav Ent.   Pvt. Ltd
    Sub Total 1 1 1
 ME-6   Overhauling/Maintenance of   LT MCCs, Switch gears and   Motors                    
    Sub Total                
 ME-7 Erection, Testing,   Commissioning and   Maintenance of EHV   (11/6.6KV/415V)   Transformers and associated   NIL
                     Sub Total
 ME-8 Maintenance of   overhead lines /conductors.   NIL
Sub Total  
 ME-9 Maintenance of   Electrical distribution   network 1  RVK Construction
2  Raj Enterprises
3  SR Electrical
4  Hari Om Electricals
    Sub Total 4 4 2 1
 ME-10 Jointing &   Connecting of HT/ LT Cables 1  Hari Om Electricals
    Sub Total 1 1
 ME-11 Maintenance of   Power Plant/ Industrial   Lighting system 1  Karanveer Singh Yadav Ent.   Pvt. Ltd
    Sub Total 1 1 1
 ME-12 Maintenance of   Township Lighting system   NIL
                    Sub Total
 ME-13 Erection, Testing   Commissioning of   Distribution Substation   equipments   NIL
                   Sub Total
 ME-14 Maintenance of   Electric/ Pneumatic   Actuators   NIL
                   Sub Total
 ME-15 LT/HT Motor Re-  Winding   NIL
                   Sub Total
 ME-16 Operation and   maintenance of  Telephone   Lines Cables 1  R.R.Enterprises
    Sub Total 1 1
Sub Category- 3    
 ME-17 Operation   /Maintenance of Control &   Instrumentation   NIL
    Sub Total                
Category- (D): Residual Life Assessment studies     NIL
 RL-1 Residual Life   Assessment Study     NIL
Sub Total      
 RL-2  Vibration Analtsis &   Dynamic Balancing      NIL
Sub Total      
 RL-3 Strees Analysis     NIL
Sub Total      
 RL-4 Non- Destrutive   Testing                    
Sub Total      
Category- (E): Miscellaneous Works      
Sub Category- 1                    
 MW-1 Lake Park   management                    
Sub Total                    
 MW-2 Horticulture Works 1  Sumant Kumar Singh
2  Aman Enterprises
3  Puneet Construction
    Sub Total 3 3 1
Sub Category- 2      
 MW-3 House Keeping of   Plant Township Commercial   Complexex etc. 1  Om Siyaram Construction
2  Prem Kumar
3  Vinayaka Construction
4  Subham Construction
5  R.Construction
6  Manki & Sons
7  Hari Const. & Associates   Pvt. Ltd
8  Kumar Construction Co.
9  Aman Enterprises
10  Muneshwar Navin   Construction
    Sub Total 10 9 6 4 2 1
 MW-4 Special Equipment   Cleaning   NIL
    Sub Total                
 MW-5 UP keepment of the   plant are✔ 1  Manki & Sons
    Sub Total 1 1
Sub Category- 3    
 MW-6 Pesticide works   NIL
Sub Total    
Sub Category- 4                    
 MW-7  Stone Picking &   Extraneous  materials from   conveyor in CHP   NIL
    Sub Total                
Sub Category- 5    
 MW-8 Fire Protection &   Safety works   NIL
Sub Total                    
Sub Category- 6      
 MW-9 Operation &   Maintenance of Solar Water   Heating System   NIL
    Sub Total  
Sub Category- 7      
 MW-10 Operation &   Maintenance of Swimming   Pool                    
    Sub Total  
 Category- (F): Manpower   Supply Group                    
 MS-1 Deployment of   Unskilled/ Semiskilled   /Skilled manpower 1  Dhananjay Kumar
2  Pappu Kumar Singh
3  R.Construction
4  Mrigendra Kumar Sharma
5  Bijendra Kumar
6  Aryan Infrastructure &   Services
7 Intelligence Security of India
8  Hari Const. & Associates   Pvt. Ltd
9  Aman Enterprises
10  RVK Construction
11  Kumar Construction Co.
12  Raj Nandini Projects Pvt. Ltd
13  Muneshwar Navin   Construction
    Sub Total 13 12 8 6 2
 MS-2 Deployment of   Engineers/Supervisor/Data   Entry Operators   NIL
    Sub Total                
 MS-3 Deployment of EX-   Railway Employees (Loco   Drivers, Station Master etc.)   NIL
    Sub Total                
 MS-4 Deployment of Ex-   BHEL Employees/Power   Plant Engineers     NIL
    Sub Total                
 MS-5 Deployment of crane   operator/vechicle drivers
 Heavy Duty Operators
1  Vijay Kumar
    Sub Total 1 1
 MS-6-Deployment of   manpower for Mis. Work not   covered above 1  Om Siyaram Construction
2  Manoj Kumar Dubey
3  Sanjay Kumar Singh
4  Subham Construction
5  Jitendra Kumar Singh
6  RVK Construction
7  Baba Engicon Pvt.Ltd
    Sub Total 7 4 2 2 1 1
 MS-7 Deployment  of   Manpower for  Machine   Shop & Workshop   NIL
    Sub Total                
 MS-8 Maintenance of Heavy   Duty Equipments like truck,   crane dozer hydra pay loader   forklifts etc   NIL
                   Sub Total
 MS-9 Unloading of coal   from Railway wagons   NIL
                  Sub Total
Category- (G): Hospital Services    
 HS-1 Deployment of   Doctors  /Nurses/   Paramedical staff 1  Surbhi Enterprises
2  Intellicon Services
               Sub Total 2 2
Utility Powertech Limited
List of Registered Vendors at UPL-Barh Site
Sl. No. Name of Agencies (M/s.) Address & Contact Number
1  M/s Dilip Kumar singh  Dilip Kumar Singh, Vikramshila Nagar,Kahalgaon, Bhagalpur
2 M/s Hari Construction & Associates Pvt.Ltd At+Po: Keshwa Ps: Barauni Distt: Begusarai (Bihar)
3 M/s Intelligence security Of India  Ajit Kumar Singh G-2/D Lakshmi kant Parisar ,Jamal Road Patna
 M: 9431012114
4 M/s Om Siyaram Construction Ram Pukar sharma, Railly Pandarak Barh Patn✔
5 M/s Baba Engicon Pvt. Ltd. Loco Colony, Qtr. No. 132 CD, Po- Khagaul, Dist- Patna
  M: 9334290733
6 M/s Prem Kumar Street No. 1/D, Qtr. No.-11, Chittaranjan,
 Burdhwan, West Bengal-713331.
 Mobile-9434132809, 9234628646
7 M/s Hari om Electricals At+Po: Keshwa Ps: Barauni Distt: Begusarai (Bihar)
8 M/s Aryan Infrastucture & Services G-01,Surya Sharda Villa, Punaichak
 Beside Bharat Singh Nursing home Patna 
9 M/s Karanveer Singh Yadav Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Karanveer Singh Yadav, Gulab bagh, Barh, Patna.
 Mobile- 9934003792, 9801389794
10 M/s Kumar Construction Company S-11,2nd floor ,Rospa Tower,Main Road,Ranchi Jharkhand
11 M/s Bijendra Kumar At+Po: Lamuabad PS: Pandarak Barh Patna
 M: 9234930248
12 M/s Manoj Kumar Dubey Vikramshila Nagar,Kahalgaon,Bhagalpur
13 M/s Mrigendra Kumar Sharma Dhiwar ,Chaknawada Barh Patna M: 9431618618
14 M/s Intellicon Services Santosh Kumar Sinha ,101/D Shivam Place ,Beside Naseeb Market ,
 Ram Nagari Road Ashiyana Nagar ,Patna-25 
15 M/s R.Construction Anadipur,Kahalgaon,Bhagalpur -Bihar Pin:-813203,
 M:- 9431463580
16 M/s Rajnandani Projects Pvt. Ltd. Ward No-18,Chandra Deep Complex Dakbungala Road Patn✔
17 M/s RVK Construction Gulab Bagh Barh Patna
18 M/s Subham Construction At:- Dargahitola PO: Lemuabad Pandark Brah Patna
 M: 9835258425
19 M/s Sumant Kumar Singh Vill: Sahanaura,PO: Chaknawada PS: Pandarak Patna-803213 
20 M/s Surbhi Enterprises Mr.D.K.Singh Bichali Malahi Near Barh Block Barh Patna
 M: 9472251928
21 M/s S.R.Electrical Mahadeo automation ,Satkar chowk PO: Lalpur bhader
 PS: Kahalgaon ,Bhagalpur Bihar-813203
  M: 9431090072
22 M/s S&A Construction Dilip singh, Dhibar Barh ,Patna 
23 M/s Sanjay Ku.Singh Sahanora Pandark Barh Patna
24 M/s Vijay Kumar Vill:-Nawada PO: Mohamadpur PS: Barh Patna
 M: 9431817631
25 M/s Vinayaka Construction Ward No-15, Near: Dr. J.P.Singh ,
 shakerwartola Mokama Patna
26 M/s R.R.Enterprises Jay Prakhash Nager Jakanpur Patna
 M: 9430488326
27 M/s Raj Enterprises Viill:- Kashipur PO: Bidupur Distt: Vashali -844502 Bihar
 M: 995533020
28 M/s Sidhi Vinayaka Construction Sakeswar Tola Tapovan Near: New cinema hall
 Mokama Patna Biha✘
29 M/s Puneet Construction 538K/448A Trivani Nagar-III Sitapur Road Lucknow (UP) 0226020
 M: 9450058840
30 M/s Padh Laxmi Enterprises Narottam singh Station Road Barh Patna
31 M/s Pappu Kumar Singh Vii:- Khutaha Road,Ward No-04, Barahiya Lakhisarai Bihar M:9204572688
32 M/s Jitendra Kumar Singh Sahnaura,Pandark,Barh Patna M:- 9431041134
33 M/s Dhananjay Kumar At+Po: Santitola ,Berhna Barh Patna M-9431661925
34 M/s Aman Enterprises Amitabh Singh Shop No-19,1st floor ,Sharma Market,Near: ESI hospital,Sector-22, Noida (UP) M:-9899933498
35 M/s Manki & Sons Onkar apartment, Shop no: 03,Seikhpura,Razabazar,bagicha Patna-14 M:9955771264
36 M/s Muneswar Navin Const FH-03 Room No- 310 TTS NTPC kahalgaon Bhagalpur Bihar M: 9852486370
37 M/s Shashi Kant Dhar  S/o Chakradhar Pd. Sharma,   Vill/Po- Railly, PS- Pandarakh,   Patna.     Mobile:9122007945